DRC makes a limited internal exchange program available to its owner base for the purposes of simply changing vacation weeks on a given occupancy year.  With a limited number of units, it is necessary for us to place some parameters around this program to insure it can be successful and easily facilitated.

If you elect to participate in this program, the following terms & conditions will apply:

  1. Upon electing to participate in the DRC Internal Exchange program, you will receive a credit for one (1) week (seven consecutive nights) to use back at Daytona Resort & Club within twelve (12) months from the arrival date of your week
  2. In order to facilitate this program, once you exercise this option, your week will be made available to others searching for inventory and cannot be removed from the program for that use year.
  3. Use of this 1-week credit is solely based upon availability and is not guaranteed.
  4. Availability is determined strictly by other Owners exercising this same option and is on a first-come/first-served basis.
  5. We reserve the right to place your request on a wait list, however, we are not obligated to hold such a list and also reserve the right to limit the number of requests for a specific week in our sole discretion.
  6. We strongly suggest that you request your desired travel dates as far in advance as possible for the greatest chance of confirmation.
  7. Your maintenance and taxes MUST BE CURRENT up to and including the year you are requesting to float.
  8. A transaction fee of $49 per exchange request will be required on all internal exchanges initiated as of January 1, 2016, upon securing your requested week.

These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time in DRC’s sole discretion.  This program is provided as a benefit to DRC Owners and is not a part of your deeded ownership rights.  This program may be suspended or discontinued at any point in time without notice.

Please complete the information below to submit your week into the DRC Internal Exchange program: