This agreement, made and entered into effective with the date noted below, is by and between the condominium member/owner listed herein and Daytona Resort and Club Condominium Association (hereinafter “DRCCA”). In consideration of the efforts and services of the undersigned, DRCCA is granted the exclusive right to rent the week(s) listed below.

  1. DRCCA may rent my unit on a nightly or weekly basis at the established transient rental rate (“TRR”). If you wish to rent higher than the current TRR, please call the office. DRCCA will collect and pay the sales tax on any rent received.
  2. Upon the rental of my property within the terms of this agreement, I hereby agree to pay DRCCA a 20% commission on the gross rental proceeds.
  3. If my unit is rented by more than one tenant, I understand that the additional cleaning expense will be deducted from my proceeds.
  4. I may not use, exchange, list with another agency, or make any other arrangements for the occupancy of the above unit(s) during the period of this agreement.
  5. Thirty (30) days before the start of my week, I understand that I may elect a different use option in the event that the unit has not yet rented. (Such as floating, depositing with an exchange company or sending a guest.)
  6. The status of my unit week may be checked by emailing DRCCA at
  7. I acknowledge that DRCCA does not guarantee the rental of my week. And further acknowledge that I accept the risk that confirmed renters may cancel their reservations from time to time, which is beyond the control of DRCCA.
  8. Rental proceeds will be issued within 60 days after the conclusion of the week. We must have your social security number before we can release a check for rental that exceeds $599.