Please note Daytona Resort & Club operates on a Saturday-to-Saturday occupancy calendar for our Owners.  Check-in is at 4:00 PM on the Saturday of arrival and check-out is at 10:00 AM on the Saturday of departure. Although your ownership week may begin on a Saturday, you may arrive any day of your ownership week.  We recommend contacting the resort in advance to advise of your late arrival so we may be prepared for your check-in on another day of the week.   *Rental reservations may not be subject to this arrival and departure pattern.

Check-in Dates (Saturdays)

YEAR 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Week 1 2-Jan 7-Jan 6-Jan 5-Jan 4-Jan
Week 2 9-Jan 14-Jan 13-Jan 12-Jan 11-Jan
Week 3 16-Jan 21-Jan 20-Jan 19-Jan 18-Jan
Week 4 23-Jan 28-Jan 27-Jan 26-Jan 25-Jan
Week 5 30-Jan 4-Feb 3-Feb 2-Feb 1-Feb
Week 6 6-Feb 11-Feb 10-Feb 9-Feb 8-Feb
Week 7 13-Feb 18-Feb 17-Feb 16-Feb 15-Feb
Week 8 20-Feb 25-Feb 24-Feb 23-Feb 22-Feb
Week 9 27-Feb 4-Mar 3-Mar 2-Mar 29-Feb
Week 10 5-Mar 11-Mar 10-Mar 9-Mar 7-Mar
Week 11 12-Mar 18-Mar 17-Mar 16-Mar 14-Mar
Week 12 19-Mar 25-Mar 24-Mar 23-Mar 21-Mar
Week 13 26-Mar 1-Apr 31-Mar 30-Mar 28-Mar
Week 14 2-Apr 8-Apr 7-Apr 6-Apr 4-Apr
Week 15 9-Apr 15-Apr 14-Apr 13-Apr 11-Apr
Week 16 16-Apr 22-Apr 21-Apr 20-Apr 18-Apr
Week 17 23-Apr 29-Apr 28-Apr 27-Apr 25-Apr
Week 18 30-Apr 6-May 5-May 4-May 2-May
Week 19 7-May 13-May 12-May 11-May 9-May
Week 20 14-May 20-May 19-May 18-May 16-May
Week 21 21-May 27-May 26-May 25-May 23-May
Week 22 28-May 3-Jun 2-Jun 1-Jun 30-May
Week 23 4-Jun 10-Jun 9-Jun 8-Jun 6-Jun
Week 24 11-Jun 17-Jun 16-Jun 15-Jun 13-Jun
Week 25 18-Jun 24-Jun 23-Jun 22-Jun 20-Jun
Week 26 25-Jun 1-Jul 30-Jun 29-Jun 27-Jun
Week 27 2-Jul 8-Jul 7-Jul 6-Jul 4-Jul
Week 28 9-Jul 15-Jul 14-Jul 13-Jul 11-Jul
Week 29 16-Jul 22-Jul 21-Jul 20-Jul 18-Jul
Week 30 23-Jul 29-Jul 28-Jul 27-Jul 25-Jul
Week 31 30-Jul 5-Aug 4-Aug 3-Aug 1-Aug
Week 32 6-Aug 12-Aug 11-Aug 10-Aug 8-Aug
Week 33 13-Aug 19-Aug 18-Aug 17-Aug 15-Aug
Week 34 20-Aug 26-Aug 25-Aug 24-Aug 22-Aug
Week 35 27-Aug 2-Sep 1-Sep 31-Aug 29-Aug
Week 36 3-Sep 9-Sep 8-Sep 7-Sep 5-Sep
Week 37 10-Sep 16-Sep 15-Sep 14-Sep 12-Sep
Week 38 17-Sep 23-Sep 22-Sep 21-Sep 19-Sep
Week 39 24-Sep 30-Sep 29-Sep 28-Sep 26-Sep
Week 40 1-Oct 7-Oct 6-Oct 5-Oct 3-Oct
Week 41 8-Oct 14-Oct 13-Oct 12-Oct 10-Oct
Week 42 15-Oct 21-Oct 20-Oct 19-Oct 17-Oct
Week 43 22-Oct 28-Oct 27-Oct 26-Oct 24-Oct
Week 44 29-Oct 4-Nov 3-Nov 2-Nov 31-Oct
Week 45 5-Nov 11-Nov 10-Nov 9-Nov 7-Nov
Week 46 12-Nov 18-Nov 17-Nov 16-Nov 14-Nov
Week 47 19-Nov 25-Nov 24-Nov 23-Nov 21-Nov
Week 48 26-Nov 2-Dec 1-Dec 30-Nov 28-Nov
Week 49 3-Dec 9-Dec 8-Dec 7-Dec 5-Dec
Week 50 10-Dec 16-Dec 15-Dec 14-Dec 12-Dec
Week 51 17-Dec 23-Dec 22-Dec 21-Dec 19-Dec
Week 52 24-Dec 30-Dec 29-Dec 28-Dec 26-Dec